After a rough start, the 2018 Burgundy vintage is already drawing praise, with some critics even comparing it to the mythical 1947! “The word in region is that Burgundy 2018 is one of the greatest ever vintages.” (Decanter)

Given the quality of this outstanding vintage, we’re thrilled to have a generous allocation of Henri Boillot Burgundies to offer. And, we can also share Henri’s first-hand notes on the 2018s:

Henri & Guillaume in their vineyards. Photo courtesy of Guillaume Boillot.


As in recent years, the winters in Burgundy are getting warmer. In January and February, we experienced very warm and humid weather. A windy March (as usual) dried up the grounds and the vegetation awoke.

April was warm and dry, and the vines went through very rapid growth. Fortunately, unlike the last two vintages, we did not have any frost at that time. In May, a little humidity and warmth accelerated the growing process.

Summer in June was extremely warm and dry. We had good flowering, without any issue and actually in a very rapid fashion. Temperatures in July and August, very high. In French the term is “canicule” or heat wave.

Harvest started on August 27th. Conditions were very pleasant, with warm and dry weather. We began picking the reds in the Volnay appellation as maturation is beginning earlier there since the onset of this climatic warming. We then harvested the Meursault whites and on to Puligny-Montrachet, Corton and Pommard. Finally, we brought in the Grands Crus villages of the Côte de Nuits.

The 2018 whites remind me of the 2009 or even 1999 vintages. Very fresh wines, with primary aromas of white flowers, white peach, citrus and yellow grapefruit. Therefore, wines with lots of energy and a very pure minerality. You will need to consume this vintage a little earlier than the two preceding ones, within five years for the village wines but ten years or longer for the Premiers Crus and Grands Crus.

Clos de la Mouchère – Henri Boillot’s rare monopole Premier Cru Puligny-Montrachet. Photo courtesy of Guillaume Boillot.

As for the reds, the aromatic palette is very complex: black fruit, cassis, extra-ripe cherries and black pepper, with blonde tobacco.

One of the big successes of this vintage is the Volnay appellation. The wines there offer great precision as well as purity and what defines the best Pinots Noirs: elegance, fine and silky tannins, wrapped up in a delicate and exquisite package. In French we use the term “mon coup de cœur” or “makes my heart race.” The Volnays are definitely my favorites for the reds in this vintage.

A final note: As I am writing about the 2018 vintage, the 2019 harvest is over and the vinification process is well on its way. Here are two very important points concerning the 2019 vintage: Quality wise, it is a fantastic vintage, often touching on the sublime. Now, for the bad news — It is incredibly small harvest, often less than 50% of regular production. Another reason to enjoy the 2018 vintage

In his cellars at Domaine Boillot cellars, Henri explains to Michel the composition of his Bourgogne Blanc: “The fruit comes from Saint Romain, Auxey-Duresses and Meursault. The result is a perfect balance of fruit and terroir.”

We would also add that the summer heat in 2018 made growing conditions complicated for the whites, since heat causes Chardonnay to be fat and flabby. This isn’t necessarily bad when the wines are young, but certainly won’t age well. Many growers, wanting to make sure their fruit would be ripe enough early in the summer, took a gamble and trimmed the leaves on their vines.

Henri and Guillaume Boillot were more conservative, more in tune with their vines. They used very little de-leafing so the fruit did not suffer in the heat. In the end, the knowledge and experience of the Boillot father-son team make the difference — another superb vintage from Domaine Henri Boillot.

Thank you, Henri, for sharing your personal notes with us. Below is our offer, all at the original presell prices. This pricing is valid only for two weeks following the publication of this article and then regular pricing will take effect. As Henri said, enjoy the 2018 vintage!

Bourgogne Rouge. $22.00
Volnay Village. $41.00
1er Cru Volnay Chevrets. $69.00
1er Cru Volnay Fremiets. $69.00
1er Cru Volnay Caillerets. $88.00
1er Cru Pommard Clos Blanc. $69.00
Grand Cru Latricières-Chambertin. $166.00
Grand Cru Échezeaux. $166.00. Very Limited!
Grand Cru Clos Vougeot. $166.00

Grand finale – Grand Cru Corton-Charlemagne. Photo courtesy of Guillaume Boillot.

Bourgogne Blanc. $22.00
Meursault Village. $45.00
1er Cru Meursault-Charmes. $72.00
1er Cru Meursault-Poruzots. $65.00
1er Cru Meursault-Genevrières. $95.00
1er Cru Meursault-Perrières. $102.00
1er Cru Puligny-Montrachet Clos de la Mouchère. $95.00
1er Cru Puligny-Montrachet Perrières. $86.00
1er Cru Puligny-Montrachet Pucelles. $95.00. Very Limited
Grand Cru Criots-Batard Montrachet. $250.00. Very Limited.
Grand Cru Corton-Charlemagne. $147.00